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“The up-tempo cast is terrific, led by the lovely, soulful Williams as Celie, whose very smile breaks your heart.” 

- LA Times

“The sisters, Celie (Cesili Williams) and Nettie (Kelly M. Jenrette) who are the shining heart of The Color Purple’s story, these two women are grace and radiance in action.”

- Musicals in LA


“Leading lady Cesili Williams’ performance is beyond inspired. She takes the character of Celie on a moving, transformative arch from cowering willow to a beautiful, strong African violet. In voice and dramatic performance, she is simply remarkable.”

- LA Splash

Cesili Williams plays the central figure of Celie with warmth, vulnerability and power; she knocks her eleven o’clock number (“I’m Here”)”

- Stage and Cinema


Cesili Williams carries the show beautifully, playing the lead role of Celie. Her transformation throughout the play is unbelievable and yet extremely convincing. Her physical height seems to grow, her hair, costume, and posture change gradually, and her very voice expands as her character develops. Her story is an anthem for all who have experienced abuse and oppression.”

- Neon Tommy

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